PT’s Planting Steps for Success

Step 1
          Prepare to plant by digging a hole in the soil roughly twice the size of the new plant’s root system. You can set you new plant (with seedling pot still on it) into the hole to do a rough practice measure. The completed hole should be 3-4 inches wider than the pot, and 2-3 inches from the top soil surface.
Step 2
          Once your new hole is dug, place a root system enhancer in the bottom of the hole.
Step 3
          Remove your new plant from its grow pot by gently tapping the sides of the pot. Gently, yet firmly remove the plant, taking care to not damage any new growth on the plant.
          If the plant appears to be root bound (the root system will appear tightly enmeshed), gently loosen or cut away the bottom part of the roots. A fresh cut on the roots will provide motivation and a ‘fresh start’ for the root system, resulting in a stronger plant.
Step 4
          Place the plant into the prepared hole, gently spreading out the root system in all directions so that none of the roots are bent or crossing over one another.
Step 5
          Place soil (or a nice composting material) into the hole to fill it. Spread the soil evenly around the root system of the plant. Be sure to take every effort to eliminate any air holes around the individual roots. Think of this as a nice blanket for the roots.
Step 6
          Fill the hole with soil until the soil amount is ground level. Mound a bit of extra soil in a ‘rim’ circling the plant. This will allow the water to distribute evenly to the full circumference of the newly planted root system.
          A good, healthy root system means beautiful flowers are on their way.
Step 7
          Give your new plant a soft sprinkling of water. Give a good soak, but don’t drown. The soil should absorb the water, but no water should be standing on top of the soil.
          Keep the new planted evenly watered for the first 2-3 weeks. Be consistent and calculated about your watering: if you water at 9 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays, then always water at those same times. Your new plant is paying attention.
Step 8
          Protect all of your hard work and your investment in the plant by placing a Plant Patron™ over your newly planted flower. The Plant Patron™ will protect your plant from critters in a humane and effective way. Your new plant will not be dug up, chewed off, or otherwise harmed with the Plant Patron™ protecting it. The most important time for the new plant is the first 2-3 weeks, while the root system is getting established in its new home.
          You may water your new plant through the fun opening at the top of the Plant Patron™. Hold the sprinkler hose over the opening of the Plant Patron™. The gentle water will distribute directly to the root system of the plant, ensuring proper hydration of the plant in its new life.
When the new plant shoots a new growth, you will know that your careful planting and watering has paid off.
Let’s #planton together.