PT’s Garden Unveils An Innovative New Product – The Plant Patron®

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Adel, Iowa. February 8, 2021 – North America’s emerging leader of garden products and ideas – PT’s
Garden – is proud to announce the launch of its category defining and patent pending plant guard to
help gardeners protect their plants. The plant protection device, called the Plant Patron™ protects new
and existing plants from wildlife like rabbits, deer and raccoons. The Plant Patron™ is good for the
environment, humane to animals and is attractive enough to serve as garden art.

The Plant Patron™ is made of heavy gage steel, and is available in six vibrant, nature-related colors. The
Plant Patron™ is the new, cutting edge version of plant protection—in a word, a new ‘mousetrap’ for the

“There has not been a new design in plant protection devices in more than 40 years,” said PT’s Garden
founder and master gardener, Dr. Patricia Tice. “I wanted to garden. I didn’t want to fight pesky
critters, but I didn’t want to harm the animals either. As a solution to the inescapable wild critter
damage I was personally encountering, I invented this plant protection device.”

A New Mousetrap for the Garden

The Plant Patron™ is intended to be used mainly in flower gardens, but can be used effectively with
plants that grow in a bushy way, such as peppers, strawberries and other plants. What challenges does
the Plant Patron™ solve?

  • Protects your plants from the beginning, saving time, energy, money, frustration (re: re-planting or cost of replacing)
  • While working hard, the device is like a piece of artwork for your garden
  • Instant protection: low tech, high maintenance, high effectiveness
  • Can stay in the garden year-round and won’t blow over
  • Deters animals humanely

An additional benefit of the Plant Patron™ is its rugged, high quality construction. Not only does it
protect the plants from critters, it also remained in place during record high winds. “When high winds
of Deracho hit Iowa last August, our patio furniture went airborne and was destroyed. The seven test
Plant Patrons™, with their extended 8-inch leg extensions secured into the soil stayed put. The Plant
Patron™ is Deracho-proof,” said Dr. Tice.

Master Gardener Concepted, Designed and Approved

The Plant Patron™ was conceived, designed and developed through the Bruce Rastetter Agriculture
Entrepreneurship Initiative through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University
in Ames, Iowa.

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce these new products into the market,” said Dr. Tice. “We’ve spent
a great deal of time surveying the needs of the gardener and adjusting the overall design. The market
and early users of the Plant Patron™ share in our excitement when they see the product’s results firsthand. We have received a number of proactive testimonials from our avid gardening customers and
posted a few of them to our website.”

Plant Patron™ is now available for purchase on the company’s website,